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As so many of us find, there can be many twists and turns in our lives, some positive, straight forward and life enhancing, others more difficult isolating, painful and emotionally exhausting. At these times we can find it more beneficial to share our experience and seek support from somebody other than our friends or family.

My genuine belief is that as well as tailoring your individual care with the most appropriate models of counselling, underpinning all effective therapy is mutual trust, respect and openness inside the therapist and client relationship. I am committed to engaging in a therapeutic relationship with you, a relationship which will help you feel accepted, at ease and deeply understood, all of which can be an incredibly healing experience.

Counselling can provide you with a non judgemental, respectful and positive experience, in a confidential and safe place. With me, you will be supported as you work through your experiences thoughts and emotions. Together we will strive for you to find a place of calm, and move forward at your own pace, towards a more contented and pleasing future.

Being an integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor means that I am qualified and experienced in working with and delivering a collaboration of existing psychotherapeutic models to work to ensure that you receive a professional and ethical service of care, consistently providing you with a warm, confidential and personal therapy that is as individual as you are. The fluidity of this approach can develop and adapt in accordance with your personal development, goals and needs.

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